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OOC [03 Apr 2006|11:00am]

School is getting very busy for me, and so I'm afraid I won't be able to RP for a while, if at all. I also have work to deal with... so idk if I'll be coming back or not, at least not anytime soon, though.
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[01 Mar 2006|08:55pm]

They shook hands, Susan nodding her head respectively. "Pleasure to make your aquaintance" she replied casually. "Each to his own, really. Research is a noble work, no need to underscore my sort of ...work... to any others without ...powers." She pursed her lips in a slight smirk, shifting her weight as she shouldered her purse. "I was just going shopping, any delay was caused by my clumsiness and our run =-in. All on my account, so don't worry about it" Susan chuckled softly, rolling her eyes as her free hand ran through her blonde hair. "Hopefully I'll avoid any more run-ins at this gala I am going to tonight. I prefer to meet people casually, not through physical accident." For Susan, this encounter with Felicia was refreshing - some one not related to or aquainted with Richards and the others.
- - - - - - - - - -

"Let's get a move on" Mimi offered, standing and picking up her tray. "If you enjoy trying on clothes, all the better. I need a real wardrobe". Once Sofia accompanined her, they placed their trays where needed and exited. "Rogue?" she now questioned outloud, thinking about where to find her. "Exploring this place can be fun. We have a good excuse, then." Mimi smirked deviously, past instincts slightly ruffled of snooping around and causing mischieve.

[24 Feb 2006|01:31pm]


I have every intention of updating. But I think depression is sinking in, because I have until Thursday here in the US....I AM keeping up I AM reading, I just can't get into the mindset...

I may update within the week, or it might be after I get back. I have a dissolusion hearing on Tuesday and a plane out on thursday, so we'll see...RP usually gets my mind off stuff, but it's a matter of getting my brain into it.
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[22 Jan 2006|06:16pm]

"We should leave soon" Meg mentioned through a mouthful of strawberries. "If ah'm gonna pose as a blind woman, best be seen with ye, aye?"

Jean arched an eyebrow and looked between Kiba and Meg. She nodded and sighed, "Ok...But I'm going to need an opinion on these clothes...heck where do I -shop- for this stuff?"

Meg chuckled, patting Kiba's leg, "There's a scent that comes from these places, we'll find ye one..."

Breakfast dishes were cleaned up, and the girls made ready to head out the door. Meg shifted into a redhead dressed in a rich man's bohemian style.

"Now, Kiba, love, we need tae find a proper harness for ye, no blessed idea where to hunt one down...But we'll make due, aye? You can go as a person, an pose tae lead me about, that way Jean can get a proper opinion of the male persuasion. Much more valuable than a girl...An if it makes her butt look big, dun' curtail the truth, she reads minds ye know.."
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[22 Jan 2006|06:10pm]

Yomiko woke with a start, the book slid to the floor.

Her glasses were askew, and she straightened them, a hand moving to her hair, mussed by tossing in the chair.

"Oh, oh my...I slept in." She said with a sigh." She glance around, her mind, still groggy didn';t recognize the dark shadow in her kitchen. She tugged the blanket off herself and tiptoed in.

"Oh..Kurt" She said with a sigh, she smiled, "Sorry, need to get used to having another person around again. How did you sleep, dear?" She picked up the invite to read it. "Oh, hell....this is tonight. I hope I'm not obligated.."

[16 Jan 2006|06:51pm]

Kiba did not even cock his head when Jean entered and announced breakfast; his sharp senses had smelt her scent and heard her footsteps long before she even reached the door. Watching Meg wake up and get up, he cocked his head at her way of dressing. Another something new for his wolf eyes, but he merely shook his head and strutted after her into the living room. Sniffing the food placed on the ground for him, "Thank you" he grumbled sincerely. Looking up to Jean, he nodded. "A bowl of water would do" he replied, but he doubled back at that thought. Looking from Jean to Meg, Kiba transformed into his human form. Sheepishly picking up his plate, he looked to Jean. "A glass ...a glass will be fine". Even if the women respected his wolf-form, he wanted to pay respect to them in return.
- - - - - - - - - -

Mimi shook her head as her dry locks settled about her face. "Thanks for the one timer" she said softly, nodding to Sofia as the girls wandered into the hallway. "Obviously there is a pretty good cook in this place" she noted, the scents causing her stomach to growl. Eyeing the others around them as the Institue began to awaken, Mimi felt slightly overwhelmed yet intrigued to see what kinds of powers they all held. Not daring to question or make friends just yet, she merely followed the scents in hopes to near the kitchen. Rubbing her stomach, it certainly did growl. "I am starved, your sandwhichs just did not fill me enough for the night" she exclaimed, sending a glance over to Sofia. "No matter how good" she added with a wink. Finally arriving at the kitchen, she noticed as Rogue entered ahead of them. "I guess we'll have to see what the plans are for today. Maybe then we can steal some time to go shopping".
- - - - - - - - - -

Rogue had entered and greeted him, but Logan merely continued the decent of his claws nearer to his face. Three sausages lay in wait and Logan was starved. Taking a large bite out of the first one, he gulped it down and then looked to Rogue. "With all the newcomers and arrangements you better believe I am starved" he affirmed, proceeding to finish off the first sausage. "Luckily this place has a good cook, efficent too" he added, now looking down at the plate of eggs and waffles freshly made. The kid responsible for such food grinned, but Logan rolled his eyes. "Don't get cocky, bub" he said gruffly. "Take the ladies offer, though". With a nod, he smirked at Rogue before picking up his plate and taking the head seat at the kitchen table. It was empty, for the dinning hall was where all the students ate ((making this up as I go along, play with me)). "How's Gumbo doing? I didn't see anymore of you last night since he showed up" Logan asked, waiting for Rogue to get her breakfast and accompany him.
- - - - - - - - - -

The wad of money was tucked safely away in her purse, Susan finally ready to shop in preperation for that night's galla. Sun shinning and warming her skin, she adjusted her jacket and locked her car. It had taken her ages to find a parking spot, but she finally stole one away. Letting her keys now fall to the bottom of her purse, she shook off the cool wind as she approached the main shopping streets of NYC. Funny how many people were around and bustling along the side walks even though it would be another 15 minutes before all the major stores opened. Sighing, she leaned against a brick wall casually and kept her eyes on the store across the street. No doubt it would be busy, but hopefully she could find a dress hassel free.

((I'll take any and all interaction possible with this character, I dunno what to do with her anymore to get her involved and out of this seclusion. Ideas? IM me)).
- - - - - - - - - -

((Forgot where I left off with this one, so here goes picking him up again...))
The letter caught his eye, Kurt bending down as his tail swished round and scooped up the paper. Not wanting to be nosy, he tried to keep from reading it. Naturally as the seal had been opened and the small invite has casually slipped half way out, his eyes swept over the You have been corrdially invited to the Galla Event the evening of ... part. Raising an eyebrow, Kurt shook his head and made his tail place the letter upon the kitchen table. He did not want to be nosey, especially after Yomiko had been so friendly with him. Turning round to look for food, his nimbly jumped onto the counter top and began opening cupboards, knees bent in a hunched over position. Finding the array of cereals, mostly near full, Kurt grinned. "This is vunderbar!" he exclaimed, clapping his hands together. Soon finding a large bowl, Kurt resolved to eat as many bowls of cereal as possible. Settling with Lucky Charms first, Kurt would wait half an hour before waking Yomiko and making her look at this invitation.

Damn you Richards! (Or, Why they have my cream puff..) [14 Jan 2006|02:31pm]

Doom stood, finally looking down to Usagi. "Of course, my Princess, it would be untoward of me to have the audacity to allow you to be employed by my person without some recognition of your standing. I offer you, along with the employment I shall provide, an offer of tutelage. Having such powers such as yours, child is one thing, but mastering them is another thing entirely."

Doom turned and locked his hands behind his back, "I will not claim to have perfect nor complete knowledge of the powers you weild, however, I will do my best to assist you in mastering them, and helping you gain a better understanding of them. You can, of course, refuse, as I consider this an offer to one of equal station as I. I will not be offended if you refuse me."

Doom turned and took Usagi's hand, lowering himself to one knee in the most regal manner, "It would, of course, My Lady, be an honour to serve as a mentor to an angel." With that, he dipped his head, the hood obscuring his face as he tipped the metal mask up enough to press suprisingly warm, soft lips to her hand. He slid down the mask, sadly, denying Usagi any view of his features, rasing his deep brown eyes to meet hers once more. "Princess Serenity..I would also implore you bid me a favour and accompany me this eve, as you appear in good health, albiet in poor spirits, perhaps such distractions, possibly allowing to meet with Parker once more would raise them? You, of course would be welcome to remain with me as long as it pleases you, despite your decision. My life is a lonely one, and your presence is...it heals my spirit." He placed his free hand on his chest and dipped his head once more, as if such confessions were awkward for him. Finally he released her hand and stood. "If you wish, we could go shopping for suitable attire, perhaps locate you food that will encourage your appetite.

[14 Jan 2006|02:23pm]

The door shut behind her as Jean opened and closed it with her foot.

"Morning sleepyheads! I have food!"

This announcement was coupled with the heavanly scents of meat, pancakes and fruits filling the tiny apartment with thier scents. She set the styrofoam cartons on the coffee table and went to retrieve cups and silverware.

Meg titterd a laugh as Kiba licked the offending hair of her face. "Souns like we have food, love." She said sleepily. She stretched her hands and wrists, then in one bounce was back on her feet, she opened her drawers and peered in. "Bah. Who cares, aye?" She asked Kiba, withdrawing her head from the chest of drawers, and wiped her hand along her pjamas, transforming them into something rather hippie-looking. "Thare. Les see what Jean 'as brought back for us, aye?" She opened the door and meandered out, popping open cartons before Jean reappeared.

"Ah'm assumin this would be yours." She set the carton overflowing with meats and egg on the floor for Kiba, taking up the one that smelled of strawberries and waffles as Jean appeared with glasses and silverware. "Up for a walk?" Meg asked her.

Jean nodded as she set things down on the table, looking to Kiba. "Do you want something to drink? Do you want it in a bowl, cause, no offense, I don't think you'd like a glass stuck on the end of your snout all day."

[12 Jan 2006|12:48am]

She'd fallen asleep in a living room armchair, laying on her side, book snuggled in her arms and a throw blanket askew over her small Japaneese frame. Her glasses, hair and the rest were absolutely out of order, but it certianly didn't seem like she cared.

The kitchen cupboard that held breakfast goods had one of every box of cereal available at the local supermarket. It seemed that some had only a bowl or so taken from it, some, half-empty, but looked like they were used for snacks, and some unopened. Kurt could get the distinct impression Yomiko made no efforts to remember what she had at home, and purchased on whim.

The invitation fell from the fridge, the wax seal breaking on impact and falling open on the floor. As usual it was an official invitation by the British Consulate for Yomiko to represent thier interests. A note beneath scrawled, "And please, leave your books at home.."

[12 Jan 2006|12:34am]

It wasn't long before Kiba felt a tickle at the scruff of his neck.

Meg, blissfully asleep had dropped an arm that weaved into his fur and played here as she snoozed, the happy smile playing on her lips as she peacefully slept only served to punctuate her state.

- - - - - -

Jean was headed through a competition's resturaunt she'd intended to check out sometime. She was wondering if wolves ate eggs. What about pancakes?

She knew she was fretting a bit, but she knew, somewhere, how perfectly miserable sick dogs looked, and if a human got what it looked like they get....

Ok, chicken is -definately- out...

She'd heard chocolate kills off pets..not that Kiba was a pet or anything, but, you know, you never know...

Finally, she'd decided to take a steak and eggs breakfast, substitute the pancakes for sausages, and got herself a french toast with ham, and Meg a Belgian waffle swimming in fruit and whipped cream. She eyed, one last time the monsterous delicacy Meg enjoyed and wondered just how she stayed so slender...Then again when you can appear to be anything she could make herself into The Blob.

Wait a second....

Jean frowned. Blob? It wasn't a name, right, it was a description. Why'd she associate it with a name? A hand went to her head as it pounded in protest. Unconsiously, it reached out to better gain understanding, tyring to comprehend the parts of it locked away to her consious memory, but still part of her subconsious.

(Most familiar characters to Jean Grey probably would get a mental 'ping' involving a flash of the Blob coupled with a sense of confusion.)

- - - - -

"Mhurf" Meg responded sleepily. The hand threaded softly in fur reached up to rub her face, unfortunately, Kiba is probably not immune to shedding. Meg's fae rubbing was followed by her 'pthu' ing out the biths of fur that clung to her skin. "Jean?" she asked sleepily, then leaned over the bed, "Oh hey Kiba. Mornin."

- - - - -

Jean shook her head. Forget it, maybe it'll come to her. She decided to head home before the food got cold, picking up a 2 litre of milk and a small carafe of OJ.

[11 Jan 2006|06:52pm]

((OOC: Please excuse for lag time between posting, and then the crappy posts. School is highly demanding in this moment. Just thought I'd place my characters and do something with them. Sorry if I seem neglectfull. Motivation is hard to find from so much work)).

Not much discourse had taken place. Logan had merely showed Pietro a room for the night. And the night had been restless for Logan nonetheless.
The sun rose to find him laying upon his bed, arms crossed upon his chest. His eyes snapped open, and while he had not fully slept, his body had rested enough. Luckily no mischeif had occured; lucky for the students no one had caused any problems, that is.
Stretching, Logan got up, still in his clothes from yesterday, only his jacket adorned his chair and not his frame. Exiting his room, the halls were quiet for the time being. Grunting, he headed for the kitchen.
- - - - - - - - - -

Kiba had roamed the streets the entire night, the scent of Usagi having died down quickly yet not the hope in the wolf's heart. He circled, repeatedly, the proximity of where Usagi lay in Doom's grasp. Naturally, however, her scent had been drowned out by the King of Lateriva's power. And now as the sun rose, Kiba knew he would have to retreat from the streets and back to the humble dwelling of two females who accepted him. Not to mention some humans were already stirring about the streets - and Kiba wanted to avoid them.
Shaking his head, he took one look back at the street behind him before finding the scent of Meg and Jean. Going into a run, Kiba easily tracked his way back through the streets, ignoring the strong smell of Jean as she walked through New York. Kiba would got to the apartment, not 'hunt' and find Jean.
Sun high in the sky, now, however, Kiba quickly scaled the balcony's and landed upon the proper one. Taking in one last breath of crisp air, he reached up and places paws-turned-hands upon the sliding balcony door. Letting himself in, he repeated the action once more, closing and locking the door. Yawning now, still in wolf form, Kiba dared to enter the girls' bedroom. As he suspected, Jean was gone. Looking upon the sleeping Meg, Kiba slipped to the side of the bed Meg was sleeping on. Laying down upon the floor, he curled up and closed his eyes for some rest.
- - - - - - - - - -

Susan had entered late, roaming the city at night bringing nothing but a peaceful aura to her being. Thoughts had slipped away and she had emptied her head of worries, for the time being. Luckily, perhaps ironically, the happenings of the night had completely missed her. Or she had missed them, invisible for a reason, obviously. Besides that and as such, her sleep was peaceful.
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[11 Jan 2006|11:59am]

Mimi looked up to Sofia, a soft smirk upon her face. It was her accent and word-searching that made Sofia appealing to Mimi. "I am sure they will be fine" she cooed. Taking a sandwhich in her hand, she thusly took a bite. And the sandwhich was good, just what the doctor ordered. She shot a satisfied glance to Sofia.
"New? hardly" she now replied, half her sandwhich devoured. "I have played around with New York, but this side I haven't frequented much, or ever. I was, restricted, I guess you could say, to my activities before hand. But, I could get us around New York, alright... I hope." she explained, offered.

And with the rising sun, Mimi rose. As if a headache frequented her brain in that instant, her palm met her forehead and she rubbed. As if a nightmare caused her pain, she had remembered the forced invitation to some galla event that evening. A sigh escaped her lips, yet it was a pleasant note that rose with the sun. Like the Songbird she was, dawn was her call awake and beckon to sing.
Slipping out of bed, as quietly as possible, she half-smirked at the sleeping Sofia. She passed a hand through the girl's locks, affectionatly. She was a nice girl, and obviously Sofia's friendylness was much more appreciated than Mimi let on.
Now stepping inside the bathroom, she shut the door and sighed. Pausing brieftly, she listlessly closed her eyes. Turning on the shower taps, she let the room fill with steam as she pulled back the window-shade, letting the blaring morning sun find it's way in. Stripping down, Mimi entered the shower.
Heaven's rain drops couldn't have been sweater, kisses of cleanliness streaming down her body as Mimi felt like a newborn. A feeling inside of her made her feel at peace, and trust in the path she had been taken upon.
Lips parting, soft and soothing notes escaped the box in her throat and floated in the air. Contageous like disease, her song lifted and spread. To those who would hear it, only a song of tranquillity would grace their senses. Nothing in essence to distastefully disturb anyone from slumber.
- - - - - - - - - -

Kurt cocked his head at her spinning, then spew of words. As she finished, a moment of silence passed before he swished his tail and smiled. "I am sure everyt'ing vill be alright, clothes are not a great concern of mine" he now replied, an indistinguishable blush upon his blue face causing him to look down from Yomiko. "You neednt vorry for me, kitten. I vill be just fine tonight. I can get back to the guest room and bathroom just fine" he assured her.

And, Kurt was just fine that night. The bed was heaven for him, especially considering the horrid plane episode previous. His mucles rejoiced upon the soft matress, his furr satiated by the warm sheets. Staying with Yomiko continually proved to Kurt what a blessing it was she had stumbled upon him.
Eyes fluttering open, Kurt stretched and shook his head. Yawning loudly and moistening his mouth with his tounge, his stomach grumbled. "Mmm ...burgers" he murmurred.

[09 Jan 2006|03:02pm]

The Lord of Latveria had a taste for the dramatic.

The Parker apartment was quiet and empty, his instruments confirmed no signatures of body heat, ultraviolet receptors, aside from the light left on in the stove and by the bed, and the spy machine that tapped through the rooms confirmed his readings. Doom simply used his powers to unlock, and close the door behind him.

Within, Doom was appaled at the state of cleanliness Parker chose to exist in. Most likely there was some psychological reason for such things. Doom saw the pictures that decorated his walls. The faces were, perhaps persons familar to him. Doom did not care, no sense in harming those who had done the best they could to raise a child.

Doom extracted a pre-written note scrawled on formal parchment and wax sealed with the crest of Latveria. This, along with Usagi's neatly folded and torn shirt, he set neatly on the cluttered kitchen table. Noise outside in the hallway drew Doom's attention. Very, well then, he would be forced to take the ruffian's exit. The phone rang, Doom turned and narrowed his eyes at the offending piece of equiptment.

Doom turned again to the window and opened a hand, the window's protesting opening was timed with yet another angry chime of the phone. Doom exited the apartment, as quiet as the Devil himself.

The note unrolled open.
- - -- - - - - - -
Dear Peter Parker,

I have found your lost rabbit, alone and injured by the ruffians of this city. Clearly, your caretaking is lacking. I assure you, she has come to no harm at her hands, unfortunately I cannot attest to her well being, as I had the chance to arrive at perhaps the last moment and not before at least some damage had been done.

Due to the lady's state, my sympathies for the moment lie with her. I assure you she is well taken care of in my hands, and will remain so. However, I am a politician, dear Parker, and as a politician, for granting you the favour of rescuing the fair lady that, doubtless, you are greatly missing the company of, as any man would be, you would grant me my requests.

I assure you they are neither devious in nature, nor harmful. I only request you attend the Confrence of European Ambassadors to America, and be sure to make favourable mention of me. Good press, as you realize, is priceless. I will make a request on your little angel who is recovering wonderfully to see you at this public affair.

She will, in the future granted favourable entrance to my domain, and I would suggest you do not prevent her from coming and going as she pleases, I have done this, and so will you.

Have a lovely evening, I will see you on the morrow.

Doctor Victor Von Doom, Ph.D
Ruler of Latveria

- - - - - -

Doom then made his way back to the streets. It was the next day and Doom had barely had a chance to rest. He was being stupid, and he knew it. A genuis needed his rest, but first he must attend to the fair lady. Perhaps he should consider summoning Boris from Latveria...

He returned not an hour from his departure. Maybe he should have used his instantaneous spacial displacer. It would have made travelling easier.

[09 Jan 2006|12:26pm]

((OOC, The world does not revolve around Doom! I mean, maybe HE thinks he does...still...::EDIT:: Modifying plans to accomidate Holly Chan...it's hard to remember she cut her characters down to one... Damn you Richards!))

Morning already?

Jean sat up in her bed and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. The first thought that flittered across her mind was she had to be at work..no, wait she had the day off. She slid the covers back, Meg was still blissfully asleep next to her. Jean looked out the window. The sky was pink with the colours of the dawn, her clock's red numbers read 5:06.

She stood and slipped on a pair of levis, quietly so Meg wouldn't be disturbed. Maybe she just needed some fresh air.

Closing the door quietly behind her, she wandered to the front door. Kiba was missing. Hopefully he'd come back, Meg would be heartbroken otherwise. She took her coat from the closet, it had her keys already and a wallet slid into an inside pocket. She unlocked the deadbolt and slid outside to the hallway. The door clicked shut behind her.

She took the stairs, and made her way to the street. It wasn't terribly busy yet, but there were a few people already walking to thier workplaces, or bus stops. The air was crisp, and she could smell the Atlantic in the wind. She looked up into the sky, hoping to see stars. Some part of her told her, stepping from her home she should see them. She sighed anyway, thinking maybe it was from her time in the British Isles and Europe.

She turned to meander down the road towards the local park. The hoodlums would be home by now, they retreated with the morning, like cockroaches with the light. Jean wandered up the hill to the swings and settled into one of the damp swings. The chains were cold with the night air. From here, beyond the chain-link fence she could watch the traffic build and the streets become more busy. What she came here for the most, though was to be with her thoughts.

It was so lonely, being without a past. She wondered if anyone from her old life worried about her, might be searching for her. She wondered what her life had been like before, what her schooling was like. It was obviously decent training. She wished she knew if she had college, or something, because then she wouldn't be stuck in a dead end job. Then again she had to immigrate to this country like a foreigner. She knew from her accent and how familiar it felt she was an American. She knew it. She was lonely, but Meg was waiting at home for her. She was grateful she had one friend in this world. Hopefully, Kiba would come back and maybe become another one.

"Maybe I should get some breakfast to take home." Jean thought aloud, her hand slipping for the wallet inside her jacket. It brushed something unfamiliar. She removed the envelope full of money. Yesterday's events came back to her. She sighed deeply, great. First the agony of finding clothes, second the dreadful formal...thing.

Fine, she's getting a -good- breakfast with this money. Something all three of them would love, and not a cheap Mickey D's meal. Thank you, mystery person.

[08 Jan 2006|03:00am]

As Meg replied, Kiba absent-mindedly transformed into his wolf form ...by call. His sense of smell heightened while the fur on his back straightened, ears cocking ever so slightly as his muscles tensed. He faintly took in the words Meg said, nodding softly as he caught a meek smile from Jean. "...Night" he said softly, eyes fixated on the balcony roof.
As their bedroom door shut, Kiba went to the balcony door and went back on his hind legs. Front paws turned to hands as he opened the door, quickly changing back to walk out. Another gesture of the same mannor was done to shut the door once again.
His head tipped to the moon as he closed his eyes, scent and sense becoming continually strong. Moon lurked the streets. After moments of pause, Kiba absorbing this feeling, it was similar to that of Cheza yet so uniquely different. Jumping up to the ledge of the balcony, the incredible height did not scare him. Looking to the side, he began to jump down, using the balcony's as mere 'stones' as Kiba quikcly descended. Paws hitting the earth, his senses increased with subtle vibrations.
"The ...Lunar, Flower?" he whispered to the sweet scents of the midnight hour. Swiftly moving, now, he took to the streets. The white wolf would only appear as a blurr to any passer-bys. Following scent, it changed directions and Kiba followed it intently. It was not Cheza, not like before at least, but Kiba had to find out what it was.
Halting, suddenly, however, the scent seemed to vanish as the vibrations died down. This Moon seemed to be engulfed by a wall, blocking Kiba from her, for this moment. Looking around the streets darkly, he growled as he had come to a dead end.
- - - - - - - - - -

Logan shrugged off the fact it took him a second to understand Pietro's fast dialogue. -Understanding- what had been said, he grunted but dare not turn away from the boy. "No funny business, bub" he replied gruffly, a long pause ensuing after that.
"You can stay, as the professor would want to give you a fair chance. But any sign of mischeif and you're out. Got it?" Logan near stated through clenched teeth.

[07 Jan 2006|04:32pm]

>>I always forget one<<

Yomiko was stunned by Kurt's offer to do dishes, silently, with a smile she nodded.

She'd picked up a book as he cleared the table, and, as always, quickly became oblivious to the world in general. When kurt spoke, she looked up from her book, suprised, somewhere deep inside that there was another person here. For just a slight moment she'd forgotten.

Her cheeks reddened with a slight blush.

"Thank you." She said softly, then stood, as she realized she was being dreadfully rude, and bowed respectfully, straightening shortly thereafter. She kept her thumb in the book and tucked it under the same arm. "I'm glad you think you'll like it here. I'm sorry of I appear to be bloody rude sometimes, but I very much like my books." As if no statement was more obvious. "I had to get the warehouse to keep the clutter of my novels out of my home. Nenene used to always complain about it, and I suppose she's right. It does feel better to read in a comfortable chair without the peril of a stack of Stephen King about to smash you beneath it."

She spun around the room, almost in a state of confusion. "I already told you where the bathroom was, and the guest room, yes? Do you need any clothes? Oh, dear, the only ones I still have with me are Nancy's and I seriously doubt hers would fit you..no.." A hand went to her mouth as a look of concern and contemplation crossed her features. "oh, hell...I'm sorry. The only thing I own you could possibly use is pjamas and an old housecoat. I would assume you'd rather not be seen in public sporting one of my gramamas old mu-mus. She died quite some time ago anyway..you'd think with as much of a packrat as I am, I'd have some of daddy's old things. Hm..maybe I do. They'd be a bit out of fashion, but, if you need them, better that they're getting some use, rather than continuing to collect dust and age..." She turned to Kurt, after making this long statement, half inquiry, half conversation to herself and him. "Would you care to at least look?" she asked politely.

[05 Jan 2006|07:16pm]

Poor Usagi, all alone at a New York City bus stop, a group of ten thugs circling in'for the kill' Doomand his driver watching from a car across the parking lot. Doom has sensed the glimmer of power within Usagi...

Double your pleasure...Collapse )
summary:Usagi is assauted by a group of thugs her crystal is taken by one of them. Doom intervenes at the last possible second. He singlehandedly fend off the ten using his arts, usagi is shot by the gang leader. Doom orders Gunter to take Usagi to his apartments, to lock them down and bar anyone but himself and his poor driver access

[05 Jan 2006|08:17pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ami smiled slightly. She would get Usagi as soon as this girl wasn't around. She nodded slightly to Eddie. "Don't worry, soon she will be alone. I'll find you later ok. I need to return to my dorm." Ami walked outside and saw Usagi sitting, waiting for the bus. She smiled and walked over to her slowly. Before Ami could reach her though, she sensed a change. She glanced around and but couldn't pinpoint it. She ducked into the nearby alleyway and watched silently. She hoped that no one spotted her there.

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Remy's eyes opened slowly. He saw Rogue sitting next to him. He sat up slowly, moaning slightly in pain. He smiled at her and lightly touched her covered knee, "Cherie, Are you awake?" He moved again slightly, trying to find a better position to sit in. He got up slowly and moved next to Rogue. He gently lifted her up, being careful not to touch any bare skin and laid her on the bed. He laid down next to her and gently snuggled her. "i tink dis be a better way to sleep."

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Pietro stared at Logan, slightly stroking his chin. "Well, Wolvie, the thing is I'm looking for the prof. I'm tired of the villian thing and wanted a change. That ok with you?" He spoke so fast that he could see it took Logan a second to figure out what he said. "Look, I'm just looking for a safe place ok."

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Wally West took off his 'Flash' outfit, once he was in the safety of an apartment that Bats had set up for him. He looked around and decided to go check out the city at a slower more normal pace. He walked outside in his everyday clothes. He walked down the road, checking out the sites. He saw a many people and marvelled in the diversity. "Why on earth did Bats send me here? This city is as tame as a kitten."

[05 Jan 2006|03:13pm]

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Doom sighed with imnpatience at Carnage's apparent stunned response to his presence. It happened all to often.

He pressed the apartment keys into Carnage's palm and closed his hand around the metal ring. "Go."

Doom himself turned and took a few strides to the door. He paused. "And...don't be here within the hour. The movers will be here."

Doom moved on, outside the door allowing an attendant to cloak him in a dark longcoat to cover his 'working' armour. The metal mask, however, remained the same. He walked onto the street. The dictator of Latveria did not need the incompetence of bodyguards! Pity those stupid enough to make a move on him.

Doom slid into the sleek car bearing diplomatic plates. He didn't honour the driver with even a glance.


The driver, a native Latverian himself glanced in the rearview at the man he admired and worshipped. This was his first night.

"Yes my Lord." He replied, practically squeaking with excitement.

The dark, slick Cadillac smoothly moved to the New York streets. Some said New York City was most alive at night, Doom knew this was the time to see the raw underside of this corrupted city of sin and chaos. He wished to drive to remind himself -why- he needed to control this world. Why he fought so hard to show the people of this world why they were not the right ones to make the decision to rule themselves.

Fools, all of them.

The dirty city night would swallow someone whole, and spit them back out, changed, corrupted. Disgusting.

Another victim of the city sat alone on a bus bench.

"Halt." Doom ordered.

The driver pulled into a parking space watching distance from a blonde long-haired girl.

Doom wanted to witness, once more, the corruption of humanity, and remind himself of why he had to change this world. The delicate, beautiful blonde creature sat, rummaging through her bookbag beneath the sickly orange streetlamp. Nearby, the hyenas gathered, street punks, inebriated on drugs and lust. There had to be ten of them. Probably one of New York's infamous 'gangs'.

"Herr Doom?" The driver asked, concern in his voice.

"Hush, Gunter, observe why. Why I protect our home country as I do. Why I want to save people from themselves. Watch, learn and tell your children."

Gunter looked to his Lord with concern, his eyes averting to the girl Doom himself watched so intently. He saw the young men gathering, and saw the flash of weapons. He knew what these ruffian American gangs did to women.

As one, the pack began to circle the girl, hyenas closing in on injured prey. The girl was upset and vulnerable. If this plucked the strings of his Master's heart Gunter could not tell. Doom was a closed book. If the girl ran now, she would be in danger from every direction.

The pack of boys closed in.

Something about that girl caught Doom's attention. His supernatural seixt sense tingled. Something Magic, supernatural and not a true mutation tingled in the back of his mind.

The Girl.

Doom's interest rose. The girl had powers? Did she know it? Intersting.

Ketchup and other condiments [05 Jan 2006|03:08pm]

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Meg turned and tilted her head to Kiba, "Love it 'twould be hard tae pass ye off as a seein' eye dog since you're so...Wolfish. Usually only Labs and Shepherds cover those sort'a jobs....but they're puttin Mutts in... I suppose I could pass ye off...I should just..."She flipped her hair as it changed a honey-brown," Change some parts 'a me appearance, aye, love? Well, G'night love...We're off tae bed."

Jean smiled meekly as Meg ushered her to thier shared bedroom door and passed Kiba a small wave.

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